Man’s man’s world? Men shirt. My favorite stuffs.

Man's man's world? Randomly outfit

Long time not blogging,  huh. Actually I’ve just received an official job (hurah) so have to struggling quite a lot to keep up with everything the past month. Thanks god everything is going on track and I’m in a good mood free time now while writing this post and it’s raining outside 😛

Back to the main topic for this post, just wanna share with you my recent favorite – men shirt 🙂 The one in this post is not really a men shirt but it’s cut and adjust to look beautiful with women. hehe. a small knot in front make the shirt look feminine but lot lacking the bold characteristic of me 😉

Also,  a men inspired shirt like this is reall appropriate with office environment since it makes you look mature and professional enough not to ‘build up’ your age ( I mean making you look old or neardy.haha) You still look chic and fashionable 🙂

(Still really in love with my gold color watch since it fits almost all of my outfits and still make me look chic 😉 Already recommend you having one in your accessories collection. It’s worth your money, trust me)

(Was in love with this kitten rouge heels but oh hell it hurts my toes so bad 😦 Now I just occasionally wear it 😦 Dont know why but maybe because of this kinda heels or because it’s cheap so the quality is not guarantee =.=)

(A statement necklace can brighten and create a good impression for your outfit. especially when you wearing simple shirt. By the way, I love love love wearing red lipstick. Almost being obsessed of having red lipstick every where I go. It makes my face looks brighter and more impressive. Girls, having you with a suitable red lipstick, use it and you know how ‘powerful’ it is to your beauty and look.)

(My current sexy red iphone case inspired by Chanel nail polish design. Don’t know why I’m just so in love with red recently. maybe because of my increased age? I’m just 22 btw =]]] haha )


Sharing with you some of my favorite stuffs recently as well. hihi.

I know. I know. This studded shoes are outdated with some of you. but I just have them recently with a cheap price (250.000VND) and they’re truly really comfortable. I wear them really often since my feet are tired with high heels already 😦 their texture is velvet so it’s really easy to clean dirt btw 🙂

Next is my love love love purple sportive watch. I choose it whenever I wear casual outfit (short jean, shirt with free style pulls). My friend bought it in Thailand and share it with me with a really really nice price (180.000VND) How cool 😡

By the way, who love purple like meeeee? Comment below what’s your favorite purple items so far 🙂

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