another weekend – another market – shopping time

Trying some English content on my blog. Part of the reason is that my laptop keep showing error when I type Vietnamese on wordpress. Normally I have to borrow my brother’s laptop to write vietnamese content and switch to my own for photo sharing. It’s kinda complicated somehow so today I write in English ‘coz I’m lazy :p

Normally I don’t bring my camera along but when I do, I just can’t stop capturing all of the interesting things around me.

Let’s start with my night Friday hanging-out at a juice store in D1. Its name is Hoppy I remember and it’s near Ben coffee if you know where I mention here =))

Nước ép táo dâu. Ngày nào cũng uống nước ép và sinh tố trái cây thì quá sức đã (y)
Apple & Strawberry mix juice. Such a nice choice for hot weather in Saigon. The price is 30k/bottle. Acceptable huh 😀
this place is nice but a bit small
this place is nice but the space is small
the most pretty corner 🙂
they have non-fat homemade yogurt. didn’t try it this time but definitely for next time.
my friend's face after work =))
my friend’s expression after work =))

For weekend, I often spend my Saturday time wandering around Saigon, finding new places, meeting my friends.

The same for this week. I went to a small new market at an old apartment located on Ly Tu Trong street, opposite to Vincome Center. I love old apartment like this ‘coz of its vintage decoration and interior look.

Actually the market was not interesting enough to me but..not bad for my Saturday outing 🙂

beautiful vintage stairs corner


lovely name tag for my friend & I little business
if you r interested in canvas tote bag. let’s check out our page
I’m so in love with those pretty pattern. I got one, definitely, with only 30k. Guess which one I picked? :p
leather notebook. intended to get one for a friend of mine but struggling a lot which one to choose. then it turned out not choosing any of them at the end :|girls’ problem :<
Another tote bag shop. Tote bag starts to be hot trend lately, especially in Saigon I can say.
another corner of yesterday’s market. their clothes were not special and beautiful enough, actually.
just can't stop loving accessories. I just can't hold myself back whenever seeing them =(( wanna have them alllll
wanna have them alllll

I wandered around the apartment and found some beautiful corners. Really nice for a photo shooting concept. Got to think an idea for this place.





Feeling a bit bored with the market, I came to visit my favorite shop in town called Libé – the one I often mention and  featured their clothes on a number of my outfit posts. They just open their store lately and hell yeah, it looks stunning inside. I can’t help but ‘losing’ my money whenever I try out their clothes :<

#mehfacenevermind haha







they have so beautifulllll cases but the most beautiful ones turn to be for IP5 only =(



the moment when I cry and they smile =(((
finally got some cool stuffs. will share to you soon in my upcoming posts.


That’s it for my Saturday this week. The weather is still duper hot but the need for hanging out just can’t be stopped. Shopping time for this month ended from now. I have wasted quite a lot for clothing lately and must stop it NOW 😦

Goodbye & Thank you for reading my post.

Will update more cool places and stuffs every week (y)



8 thoughts on “another weekend – another market – shopping time

    1. It’s pretty cheap actually but not really satisfy my thirsty =)) haha

      Will prepare some nice photos for this haul. Actually I haven’t tried to write about Haul since it feels like showing up (especially in Vietnam). But I will try this time 🙂

      btw, just saw your comment on my page Jamlos. Do you like that birdy tote?

      Số lượt thích

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